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Apply for benefits

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It is very important that you register with arbetsförmedlingen on the first day of your unemployment. To apply for benefits you then need to send certificates regarding your work and/or the activities you have had during the last twelve months to Akademikernas a-kassa. For the benefit to be paid out you need to fill in the time report (tidrapport) in Mina Sidor.

Apply for benefit:

Visit arbetsförmedlingen and register

The first day of unemployment you must register at the arbetsförmedlingen. You can start an account online and become registered as unemployed. Book your appointment when you register online.

 Sign on at arbetsformedlingen

More about arbetsförmedlingen's services

Ask your employer to fill out the form Arbetsgivarintyg

Contact your employer and have them fill out the form Arbetsgivarintyg. The form provides us with information for the previous 12 months of your employment.

Months that you have studied full-time, received sickness or parental benefits, can at times be disregarded. If that is the case, we might need additional certificates for more than the past 12 months.


Send your application to us

Most of the documents you can complete online. We only have Swedish forms, call our customer service 08-412 33 00 if you need help to fill them  out.

Upload documents 

To our online services (in Swedish)

What documents do we need?



  • Ansökan om ersättning (Mina sidor)
  • Frågor om ditt företag (Mina sidor)


  • Ansökan om ersättning (Mina sidor)
  • Studieintyg (Mina sidor)
  • Arbetsgivarintyg (from your employer)


Parental leave

Please give us a call at 08-412 33 00 if you don't understand the forms and need help to apply for benefits.

Fill in the time report at Mina sidor

Report your time (tidrapport) every week The tidrapport is used to report your duration of unemployment, and covers a two-week period. You state what you have been doing during that week, and submit the tidrapport to us through Mina sidor. You'll need BankID to log in.

Contact us if unsure The tidrapport is your formal application for payment of benefit. Therefore, it is very important that the information on the it is correct. Please contact us if you are unsure about anything.

link icon Mina sidor

Register bank account

Register which bank account you want your benefit paid into here: www.swedbank.se/kontoregister 

Report your activities to arbetsförmedlingen

Report to arbetsförmedlingen every month Remember to report your job seeking activities to arbetsförmedlingen between the 1st and 14th every month. If your activity report is not submitted on time or if the employment service believe that you have not been active enough in your job seeking, we will get a notice. A notice can result in a warning or suspension of payment.

Why report? The more your employment officer knows, the sooner he/she can help you. To be able to get the right support they need to know which jobs you have applied for, and what other activities you have undertaken to overcome unemployment.

Report your activities at arbetsförmedlingen.se

More about the activity report

Money from one at the time

The time report is your formal application for benefit (a-kassa) and it is important that your report is adequate. You cannot receive benefit from a-kassan and Försäkringskassan or CSN at the same time. Please contact us before signing your report if you are unsure about anything.

Here are the most common situations and how you report them:

  • Part time job (employment): Report the work hours or your employment rate More about how you report
  • Part time job (self-employed): Normally this is against the rules. Call us for more information.
  • Sickness: Inform Försäkringskassan and report “sjuk/FP”.
  • Sick child: Inform Försäkringskassan and report “sjuk/FP”. Apply for tillfällig föräldrapenning at Försäkringskassan.
  • Parental leave: Inform Försäkringskassan and report “sjuk/FP”. Apply for föräldrapenning at Försäkringskassan.
  • Don´t want to work or cannot take a job: Report that aswell.

Please call us at 08-412 33 00  if you don't understand how to report.

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