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Apply for benefit

Word explanations

Register that your unemployed at arbetsformedlingen.se on your first day of unemployment. Get a certificate from your employer for the 12 most recent months and send in your application for benefit in Mina sidor.

Register at arbetsformedlingen.se

In order for payment to be made, you must be enrolled and registered with BankID* at the employment office (Arbetsförmedlingen). We are notified that you have been notified. The employment office informs us that you are registered.


*If you do not have BankID, you must visit the Employment Service and register the first unemployed day.

Certificate from your employer

Your employer is required to issue a certificate for 12 months of work. In order to meet the conditions and to be eligible for benefits, you must have worked for at least six months, 80 hours per month. The benefits is always an average of the income for the 12 most recent months. We always divide your income by 12 and. If you for example have worked for eight months we divide the total income by twelve.

Usually the payroll administrator completes the certificate for you. Contact your employer and ask them to fill in it at employer's at www.arbetsgivarintyg.nu.

Fill in your application

In Mina sidor you fill in your application and upload your documents and certificate. As we have received your application we will review it. If something is missing or incomplete we will contact you. As soon as we have the information we need, we will make a decision and post it in Mina sidor.


Report your time in Mina sidor

In order to make a decision on your case, you need to have reported your first week in Mina sidor. You have to do that every week during your time of unemployment.

Please contact us if you don't have BankID.

Register bank account

Register which account and which bank you want your compensation paid to at www.swedbank.se/kontoregister.

Report activities to Arbetsförmedlingen

Every month before the 14th during unemployment you must report your jobseeker activities to the Arbetsförmedling. If your activity report is registererd too late or if the employment agency believes you have not been sufficiently active in your jobseeking, we will receive a message from the them. A message may result in a warning, suspension from benefits or termination of compensation.

Why Activity Report? The more your workforce knows, the faster you can help. In order for you to get the right support, they need to know, among other things, what jobs you have applied for and what other activities you have taken.



22 januari 2018
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