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Cancel your membership

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Oh no! Do you want to leave? You do not need to cancel your membership when you start your own business or start studying. Nor do you need to leave us if you change jobs or unions. As a graduate, you can keep your membership your entire working life. The labor market can change quickly, but it takes 12 months to qualify for income-related compensation.

Change unemployment fund/unions?

You do not have to change unemployment benefit fund just because you change jobs or start your own business. You can stay with us your entire career.

Move abroad?

In most cases it's good for you to cancel your membership if you leave Sweden to work elsewhere. There are a few exceptions where it could be good to stay. Please contact us for more information.

Start your own business?

Continue to be a member if you start your business. Even entrepreneurs can get compensation if the company would not pay off and one would become unemployed.

Going back to university?

Remain a member and save your worked time. If you were to be unemployed after the studies the compensation would based on your previous work.

On parental leave?

Stay a member when your at home with your children. If you were to be unemployed after the leave the compensation would based on your previous work.

I want to cancel anyway

You must terminate your membership in writing. You can do it here Thanks for your time with us!

15 augusti 2018
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