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Everyone working in Sweden who has a general work permit is covered by unemployment insurance at a basic level and have the right to apply for a limited compensation if unemployed. Members of an unemployment fund however, can receive up to 80 percent of their previous salary when between two jobs.

You must have studied and worked

You can join us if you have a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university (180 Swedish university credits) and you work or have been working in Sweden. You also a need a general work permit*.

You can also join us if you are currently studying towards a goal of 180 credits. Contact us if you are uncertain if you qualify.


*If you have any questions regarding your work permit, please contact Migrationsverket.

Don't you have a Swedish Personal ID number yet?

If you have a co-ordination number (samordningsnummer) you can use the online application.

If you have neither a personal number nor a co-ordination number you can use this application form. You can e-mail it to medlem@aea.se.

The fee is SEK 110 a month

The membership fee is SEK 110 a month. If you earn more than SEK 25 025 we also recommend you to join one of our unions.

More about payment of your fee

Our unions 

How much do I get?

If you have been a member for at least 12 months your unemployment benefit will be based on your previous salary. The maximum benefit that is paid out is SEK 910 per day before tax. To insure a higher salary than SEK 25 025, do contact your union for an additional coverage in case of unemployment.

More about the benefits

Working student? You can join too!

If you are a student and you work or have had short employments such as summer jobs, you can also join us. You also need a general work permit.

Application in English

Apply online and sign with bankid.

If you don't have a BankID yet you can use this application form.

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